2020 ITIJ Awards

2020 ITIJ Awards

After a tumultuous year that has seen the global travel and health insurance industry tested to it's limits, ITIJ celebrated excellence on the evening of 5 November with industry leaders from all around the world, as we hosted the 2020 ITIJ Awards - all done virtually, of course!

Ian Cameron, ITIJ’s Editor-in-Chief, commented: “It was an honour to host the ITIJ Awards this year, to recognise excellence in the face of adversity and innovation in the face of a global pandemic, the like of which none of us have ever seen. All our finalists and winners deserve massive congratulations.”

Sarah Watson, Editor of ITIJ, added: “It was really important this year that we, as the industry-leading magazine, recognised and rewarded all the companies that have worked tirelessly to support customers in an ever-changing landscape of travel this year. The innovation and creativity that the industry has shown in solving the complex problems thrown up by Covid-19 has been incredible. Anyone who says that the travel insurance industry isn’t fast-moving clearly hasn’t been part of it this year!”

2020 ITIJ Award Winners and Finalists

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