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Join us as we reward the extraordinary efforts made by companies from across all sectors of the travel and health insurance industry

And the 2020 winners are...

The 2020 ITIJ Awards

As the ITIJ Awards enter their 18th year, the global travel and health insurance industry is facing challenges the likes of which have never been seen before.

The difficulties brought about by Covid-19 have disrupted global supply chains, encumbered assistance operations and effected a deadly knock-on global profits -and yet, despite it all, the industry has adapted and innovated to meet the challenging demands of the global pandemic.

Now more than ever, at this pivotal moment in history, we are proud to recognise and celebrate our community who continue to go above and beyond to serve and support their travellers during these difficult and unprecedented times.

The 2020 ITIJ Awards will take place on Thursday 5 November, from 19:00 GMT, streamed here and hosted by ITIJ Editor-in-chief Ian Cameron and ITIJ Editor Sarah Watson. Celebrate with us!  

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