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What do I have to do to be considered for an ITIJ Award?

You have to answer 3 questions that give the judges insights into your achievements over the past 12 months, allowing them to see investment in your company, how you overcome challenges and obstacles, and how you are pushing progress in the wider industry by enhancing the quality of services your company offers.

How to apply:

Choose your category:
View the categories, there you will find the specific eligibility criteria and questions you need to answer to enter your chosen category.

Create a bio:
Enter your logo and company bio, not exceeding 100 words.

Fill out the required information:
To enter please complete each question relating to the category you are entering, not exceeding 250 words per question.

Download the 2024 ITIJ Awards Entry Kit

If you have any questions please email awards@itij.com

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14 November 2024